There’s more to life than breathing, feeling and existing…Real life is only found in Jesus Christ!
Come join our student ministry every week to learn God’s Word, to be challenged in your walk with Christ and to make new friends.

Bible Study – 9:45am
Sunday Worship – 8:30am & 11:00am

Join us for Youth Activities every Wednesday at 6:30pm.


We had such an amazing week at Summit! Two youth gave their lives to Christ, two rededicated their lives, one surrendered to the call of missions and another surrendered the call to ministry!

Join us June 26, 5:30-8:30 for our monthly fellowship. We’ll be visiting either putt-putt golf or Nerfed Indoor Arena

Paperback The Gospel Project for Students: a God Centered Worldview Book
Our Sunday School classes meet Sunday’s at 9:45am in the youth area of Sanctuary building. Beginning September 5, 2021 we will begin using the Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a three year, Christ centered, chronological study of the bible.


6 week study of Ecclesiastes. The series is titled Prepare to Die and Learn to Live. It’s meant to keep us from rooting our hope, meaning, and satisfaction in something in this world, when death will in fact take it all away from us. He wants to prepare us for the day that we die… and in so doing, teach us to live well here and now.
A look at hard questions to answer the toughest question. Why do we believe what we believe.